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Coyote's Creed Review Roundup :)

Here's the reviews of Coyote's Creed I've been able to find thus far. :)

A 5 of 5 recommended read from Reviews by Jessewave!

5 of 5 from MM Good Book Reviews!

5 of 5 from Literary Nymphs!

A great review from Elisa Rolle!

4.5 of 5 from The Romance Studio!

4 of 5 from Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews!

Thanks for all the great reviews!

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Buy direct from Samhain! (This is the best "support the author" option. :) )

You might've noticed that the blog's been... neglected of late. Mostly, I'm on Twitter and Facebook now.


Coffee Time Romance Reviews House of Stone!

And they gave it a five out of five!
I'm really honored that they'd give it a full five, they're pretty stingy with those from what I hear. :)

Release Day - Tales of the City

Tales of the City: An Anthology

A collection of previously unpublished vignettes and longer works which introduce new characters and stories to Demont's ever-growing cast and setting.

In "Drive-Through", a late-night run for barbecue takes an unexpected turn, while "The Line of the Hunt" tells the tale of a were-cheetah struggling to maintain a normal life despite his bestial nature, and how a chance encounter with another of his kind threatens to bring his house of cards tumbling down. "Happy Birthday" returns the reader to the romantic leads of "The Vampire Fred" for a brief but important night in Fred's life. The collection finishes with the novella "Let the River Run", the story of an incubus accused of murder who recounts his story and origins in an attempt to prove his innocence.

Warning: This work contains scenes of explicit erotic content.

Buy here from Kindle Direct for $0.99

So Here We Are Again...

Gotta admit I'm trying.

Five interviews in the last three weeks, all of it goes well, I'm a great interview, personable, all that, until my education is brought up. Master's degrees and Bachelor's degrees do not help like they tell you in college. Overqualified is a word I'm growing sick of. I seriously had no idea that employers require that their workers be absolutely enthralled with what they're doing. The good folk at McDonald's, Burger King, Domino's, Arby's and the local gas station were all quick to tell me I'd be bored, and only there until I got a better job. I couldn't even get a job picking up trash in front of a building.
Still, it's not all gloom and doom. That civil service exam I took for the City? Finally got a callback, and interviewed, and it went very well. I got asked the education question, but this time I had a proper comeback. The job is civil service, after all, and my "overeducation" doesn't play into it since it's all determined by your score on the exam. Also, and this was my selling point, I'm on the ICR for my student loan debt, which very highly encourages people to seek civil service. I was able to tell them if hired they'd have me ten years guaranteed. It definitely changed the mood of the interview, but I won't hear anything back for 3-4 weeks. Such is bureaucracy.
In the meantime, well, summer sucks when your main source of income is a job in education. I'm lucky enough to have friends who invite me over for meals, a couple people who make little care packages to help through the especially lean weeks (running isn't the only reason I've lost thirty pounds in the last 4 months).

I'm not asking for help, but I certainly won't turn it down at this point. I can offer commissions at rates to be negotiated, or give looks to stories or manuscripts.
If you want to just buy a book to show support, or want to direct someone, my Amazon page is:
If you want want to tip, or donate, my Paypal is: solomonphoenix at yahoo dot com.

An Update on My Back Catalog

Well, the contracts for Lennox and Fred are up, and Torquere has elected to compile Last Paladin 1, 2, and 3 into one volume for easy buying on Amazon and other sites. :)

Fred, on the other hand, wasn't picked up again, so if anyone wanted to check it out on Kindle, The Vampire Fred will be available to buy direct from Amazon for $0.99 in 2-4 days, about $5 cheaper than when it was first released. :)

Lightning Rod is off to Samhain, so we'll see how that turns out before I start work on the third installment of Broken Mirrors, and thanks to my readers who've already pre-ordered Coyote's Creed from Amazon!

The Coyote's Creed Cover

Cover art by Angela Waters

Seriously sooooooo excited for how this turned out. :)

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  • 07:56 Cuomo signed it into law, it's official. It's finally hitting me, can't stop crying. So damned proud to be a New Yorker. #ILoveNY #NY4M #
  • 08:49 Where I Was When... (I Love NY) #
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Where I Was When... (I Love NY)

It's easy to be cynical.

In the weeks leading up to this, I did my usual thing if asked about it: I displayed cynicism in a clumsy cloak of hope. This has happened before, you see. It's been pushed, it passes the Assembly, we get our hopes up, the Senate shoots it down, the pundits either rejoice or condemn, we wait a year or so and do it all over again.

People I know online who live outside this state, or this country sometimes asked me why it wouldn't pass here. After all, to the majority of the world, New York State is synomynous with New York City, so some never really learn that if it weren't for New York City, New York State would be more conservative than Texas. The Republicans here are not RINOs (Republican In Name Only), they're just as right-leaning for the most part as you'd find in Texas and Arizona.

So when it comes up that the deciding votes are held by two Republicans, one who's long been against gay marriage, and the other a Roman Catholic who got in on the Tea Party Express, well...

As I said, it's easy to be cynical. Though I used to calling it "betting on human nature".

I don't know if it says more about me or my country when I admit that when I read about all of the conferences, negotiations, and politicking to get the bill to the floor, I believed it was a stall tactic, that senators would force concessions only to vote no anyway, that it would all turn out to be some grand hoax. I watched a live broadcast of the senate floor on local TV, and watched the supporters stumble and pause through their remarks, and had to keep switching back to Netflix and episodes of Eureka to keep myself from getting pissed off. I said I called it betting on human nature, but it doesn't mean I like winning.

And then I glance over to see the undecided senator who voted against it before, and listen to his remarks, wait for the words that will justify my cynicism...

"While I understand that my vote will disappoint many, I also know my vote is a vote of conscience. I am doing the right thing in voting to support marriage equality." - Sen. Stephen Saland (R-Poughkeepsie)

And then I feel hope, cloaked in clumsy cynicism. It could really happen, couldn't it? I don't want to watch, but I can't stop. I watch the parade of senators make their statements, some that inspire now, some that disappoint, but all expected, and then it comes to the Roman Catholic senator. It's looking like it's going to pass now, it might really happen, but as I listen to his words...

He says that he cannot deny anyone basic rights. "I apologize to those I offend, but I believe you can be wiser today than yesterday. I believe this state needs to provide equal rights and protections for all its residents." - Sen. Mark Grisanti (R-Buffalo)

And in that moment I am shamed.

As I said, it's easy to be cynical. It's easy to hate, it's easy to make excuses, or fall back on platitudes and talking points to conceal pure self-service. It's easy to look at politicians today and think that people who vote their conscience instead of the party line only exist in the movies. It's easy to forget that when you bet on human nature, you're also betting on the innate compassion that gives us our humanity.

It passed 33-29, and was signed into law before midnight. I started crying then, I'm still crying now, even as I write this.

Thank you, New York. Thank you for seeing me as a human being.

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  • 07:47 @reechme It's finished, now to send it out to the 2nd Betas, do some edits and revisions on it, and prep it for submission. #lightningrod #
  • 14:34 Looking at the cover for Coyote's Creed, and just.... wow. Can't show it off yet, but it's awesome. :) #coyotescreed #bigdamnedsquee #
  • 22:37 IT PASSED!!!!!! Thank you, NY, for getting one big step closer to seeing me as a human being. #ILoveNY #NY4M #
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  • 10:05 Writing the final chapter. I still don't know what possessed me to rewrite a 100k word novel from scratch. #lightningrod #
  • 19:58 102,127 words. Done. #lightningrod #
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